Group of companies "Edinstvo"


Group of companies "Edinstvo" was created in 2002 by merging factories - producers of animal feed and the companies involved in their maintenance, purchase and sale of all types of grain, feed ingredients and other raw materials for production and customer service support.

Technical equipment feed mill, belonging to the group of companies "Edinstvo" allows the widest range of premixes, feed, compound feed, protein-mineral-vitamin supplements for the formulation of any complexity and the use of the required number and variety of components.

Industrial infrastructure includes:
• Convenient transport - logistical location plants in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine.
• ultra-modern chemical laboratory with a full analysis of incoming raw materials and finished products.
• Unique high-tech production equipment.
• Automated process control system.
• The exact weight batching.
• System precision micro dispensing vitamin and enzyme components.
• Lines finishing spraying liquid components.
• Lines granulation feed as crumbs, granules, grains and placers.
• Lines on processing soybeans.
• Modern facilities for handling and storage of raw materials (cereals, pulses and oilseeds).
• Lines for packaging products in containers of 1,5; 2,5; 5; 25 and 50 kg.
• Introduction to the European plants of standardization and certification of quality and safety of production and finished products.


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