Ukrainian Grain LLC is one of the largest producers and sellers of ready-made compound feeds for farm animals in Ukraine. Our goal is to become one of the most respected and attractive companies in the field of feed production in the market of Ukraine and abroad and to gain the status of a company with an impeccable reputation, which produces the highest quality products for the most demanding consumers.

In achieving its goal, the Company is fully aware that production activities affect the interests of many stakeholders and are a source of potential danger to life and health of employees, consumers, contractors, visitors and other stakeholders, as well as a source of environmental impact.

The policy defines common goals and obligations for Ukrainian Grain LLC in the field of environmental safety, labor protection and road traffic safety.

The company implements and ensures the effective operation of Integrated System of Environmental and Social Management (ESMS), which meets the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine, international standards ISO 39001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, basic guidelines and standards of the International Finance Corporation.


Prevention and minimization of negative man-caused impact on the environment.

Creating safe and healthy working conditions in order to ensure the occupational safety and health protection of employees of the enterprise and all those people who may be affected by our activities.

Improving the culture of safety and leadership of personnel in the field of environmental safety, labor protection and road traffic safety.


Compliance with current Ukrainian legislation and international standards, including the IFC Standards, in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment and prevent emergencies that could harm the environment or human life and health, ensure the requirements of labor protection, road traffic safety, fire safety, reducing the risks of occupational injuries, improving working conditions in order to save the lives and health of employees and property of the company;

Implementation and continuous improvement of an effective management system for environmental safety, occupational safety, health safety and road traffic safety, which meets the requirements of international standards ISO 14001, ISO 39001, ISO 45001;

Environmental protection, including environmental impact reduction, pollution prevention, energy conservation and natural resource management;

Improving processes and work organization, use of modern energy-efficient equipment aimed at minimizing the negative impact of production factors on employees, contractors, other stakeholders and the environment;

Involvement of employees in active participation in ensuring the requirements of industrial safety and environmental protection, risk reduction and energy saving;

Creating conditions in which every employee of the Company is aware of responsibility for their own safety, the safety of people around them and the environment;

Improving the energy efficiency of production processes, taking measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

Ensuring the selection of external suppliers, as well as the process of purchasing equipment, materials and services, including design, taking into account criteria of industrial and environmental safety, energy efficiency;

Continuous improvement of knowledge and competencies of the Company's employees in the fields of environmental protection, healthcare and safety;

Continuous improvement of working conditions, the level of industrial, fire, environmental safety, road traffic safety, labor protection and civil protection, as well as monitoring of these improvements;

Ensuring information exchange and open dialogue with all stakeholders on the Company's activities;

Timely updating and communication of policy requirements to all employees of the Company, contractors, business partners and other stakeholders.


The management of Ukrainian Grain LLC assumes responsibility for creating the conditions and allocating the necessary resources for the implementation of this Policy.

The management of Ukrainian Grain LLC assumes responsibility for the implementation of the above-mentioned Policy, its analysis of efficiency, resource provision, involvement of personnel in the development of an integrated management system and guarantees compliance with the above principles and obligations.


The stakeholders in the implementation of this policy are shareholders and potential investors, managers and employees of the Company, contractors and business partners who ensure compliance with the requirements of this policy with the methodological support of experts in the field of environmental safety, labor protection and road traffic safety.


The policy is implemented on the basis of current regulatory documents of the Company in the field of environmental safety, labor protection and road traffic safety, as well as current legal requirements.

This Policy is an open document available to all stakeholders and mandatory for use by all employees of the Company.

The provisions of this policy come into force from the moment of its approval and are valid until the moment of approval of the updated version of the policy, or cancellation of this document.

Despite the fact that the Policy is intended for employees of Ukrainian Grain LLC, we recommend our contractors, suppliers and other persons related to the company's activities to apply the principles of this Policy.

The policy will be reviewed and updated annually taking into account changing conditions and all information necessary to ensure security. The policy will be communicated to all persons working in the name and on behalf of the company.

If it is necessary to make amendments in connection with changes in the responsibility of persons, changes in the strategic goals of the Company, any organizational changes, this Policy must be revised by its authors before the expiration of its validity no later than 1 (one) month after the need arises.

Director                                                                   Bakum S.A.

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